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We offer an ideal first experience of day care for children up to 5 years of age. The environment is designed and set out with furniture and equipment catering children of this age group. The organisation of the day and the activity planning promotes and encourages the children’s social, emotional and intellectual and physical development. Our spacious play areas allow your children to explore confidently the range of activities and equipment available to them.

Staff maintain a close relationship with parents and carers and we are always available to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress. The parents’ meet with their child’s key person regularly; we hold formal parents’ evenings and take great care in keeping a detailed observations and assessments and including pictorial records of the children’s work and achievements on the Nursery’s electronic  Eylog system.


Rooms Bears

Bears 1 (3 months -1 year)

To ensure that all of our children receive age and stage appropriate care and development.

Here at Angel Place Nursery we do everything we can to make the first transition from home to nursery a smooth one. That’s why you’ll find a true home-from-home environment in our baby rooms. Designed with comfortable adult nursing chair,  tables, rugs, cushions and family photos and provide a good balance of quiet cuddle-time and stimulating activities – just as you would at home. These subtle but thoughtful touches create familiar surroundings to relax and settle babies but are also deliberate aids in their independence and development. At home babies often progress to walking by pulling themselves up on tables, using them as a support.

We take babies from the age of 3 months and work closely with parents to settle them, accommodating their very own feeding and sleep routines.

Our qualified and caring staff provide a safe and loving environment and are well-trained in the important milestones of this age-group. Key themes will be facilitating movement, supporting parents in the weaning process, with communication and language as well as physical, personal, social and emotional

Bears 2 (1-2 years)

To ensure that all of our children receive age and stage appropriate care and development, When your child joins the Bears room they will already be walking. Perhaps this is a recently acquired skill or maybe they’ve been mobile for some time. Either way, the focus, resources and activities shift to become slightly more physical, providing the stimulation and challenge your child needs as they begin to really explore the environment around them.

They enjoy free, imaginative play, indoors and out, and delight in group story time and singing sessions.

There’s plenty of practical play too, designed to promote social skills and satisfy inquisitive minds. Think building, baking, crafting, making, sand and water play, plus an ever-changing home-corner to focus on educational topics of interest.

Every day is a new experience in the Bears room so it’s good to know that amidst all the learning and physical activity, there’s still time for a much-needed nap.

And although our Bears are beginning to grow in confidence and independence we know they’re still your babies, so our experienced and passionate team are always ready to talk and listen to them at their own level.

Tigers (2-3 years)

To ensure that all of our children receive age and stage appropriate care and development Children in our Tigers room continue to develop in confidence and there’s a greater move to independence too as we gently begin to prepare them for their journey onwards to preschool. For example, it’s here that we’ll help children with the growing need to express their emotions and support parents and their little ones with potty training.

Child-led learning is still the order of the day so you can expect to see lots of messy play activities plus painting and sticking with lots of masterpieces to take home and display!

Outdoor play area is high on the agenda so you’ll find us outside whatever the weather!

Typically at this stage in their development, children develop a greater awareness of themselves and their peers, making friends and learning new boundaries.

Growing toddlers need clear limits in a safe and fun environment and our fully-trained staff will be with them every step of the way.

Lions (3 years and over)

When your child joins Angel Place Nursery they’re already emerging as confident, independent little people with minds of their own. Our expert preschool team is there to guide them through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to prepare them for the next stage of their exciting educational journey.

Our preschool room offers stimulating and exciting activities to stretch skills and imaginations with just the right balance of structured learning. Of course there’s still plenty of opportunity to play  in our secure outdoor garden area and loft area.

Children in the Lions room build on their independence and begin to self-serve at mealtimes. They enjoy their own toilet facilities which they learn to visit independently as they would at home.

Everything our skilled and passionate carers deliver in the Lions room is geared towards getting your child ‘school-ready’. Before they leave us they will experience  – carefully tailored programmes involving PE, packed lunches, lining up and much more. Some even have their very own graduation ceremonies!

When your child leaves The Lions you can be sure they’ve been given all the tools and love to maximize their future potential. The Nursery organises annual graduation ceremonies.


Our settling in process is adapted to meet the child’s individual needs. The settling in process is designed to enable the child to feel secure within the environment and with his or her new carers. When a child is enrolled, we provide opportunities for the child and his/her parents to visit the nursery followed by a home visit. We allocate a key person to each child and his/her family. The key person welcomes and looks after the child and his/her parents at the child’s first session and during the settling-in process. We tailor the settling in process according to the needs of each child, whether they are happy to separate on the first day or take a few weeks to feel comfortable.


We believe that no child, individual or family should be excluded from the nursery on the grounds of age, gender, sexuality, class, family status, ability, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief. We aim to ensure that all who wish to work in, or volunteer to help at the nursery have an equal chance to do so while abiding by our policy statement. We recognise that many different types of family successfully love and care for their children. We aim to provide the opportunity for children to reach their full potential and we will help children to develop a positive self-image.


Children have a wide range of abilities and characteristics. These needs may include exceptional ability, learning difficulties or areas of behaviour which require support. We aim to identify, as soon as possible, any child who may have such needs. We will do everything we possibly can to provide an environment to assist his/her development.

What is a Learning Journey

A Learning Journey gives an overview of your child’s progress in 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas of learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework.


At Angel Place Nursery we believe that it is so important to capture special moments and to work in partnership with families, we use Eylog software to achieve this.  Eylog enables us to create observations immediately, add notes and images which authorized people can access immediately.  Families can then comment and add their own stories to the Online Learning Journal.

Eylog is a safe and secure online learning journey.  Each room has their own tablet/recording devices which they use to capture the children playing, exploring and interacting with peers.  Angel Place Nursery staff  capture these moments and link them to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), and Characteristics of Effective Learning.  Once authorized parents, carers and family members who have been set up with Eylog can view the images through their downloadable app.

Eylog is the fresh way to observe, assess and follow each child’s progress, giving parents the opportunity to comment and even add their own images from home.

Eylog allows the staff to spend more time playing and challenging the learning of each child.

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