We operate to very high staff ratios. The senior staff are fully trained, holding qualifications such as QTS (Qualified Teaching Status), EYPS (Early Years professional status) and Level 3. We also offer in service training for all staff. We are proud to say that our staff are chosen because of their expertise in childcare. They are a group of professional childcare practitioners who are genuinely enthusiastic about their work with children.

Kitchen Staff

Angel Place Nursery employs two part time chefs who freshly prepare and cook all meals and snacks throughout the day in line with each child’s specific dietary requirements and in addition there are 3 part time Catering Assistants who work together with the Chefs . Children under one year old have an alternative meal freshly prepared, selected from the various menus. Our menus are adapted to ensure a nutritional alternative is offered to suit all dietary needs

Providing a balanced, healthy diet for your child requires both expertise and imagination, which is why our menus follow the Early Years guidelines from the Children’s Food Trust. Using this guidance, we freshly prepare all our meals at our nursery, ensuring our food is perfect for your child’s growing body and mind.

Good nutrition sits at the heart of our approach to a healthy lifestyle for your child. Not only do we believe it is essential for children’s natural growth, it’s central to their concentration, learning and development too, helping them get the most from their time at our nursery.

Eating is about more than food: it is a social event too, so the nursery’s practitioners join your child’s mealtimes. This encourages interaction between children, good table manners and development of social skills. It is also the ideal way to offer your child a little help if needed, answer their questions about food and praise their independence.

We provide the following:

Breakfast: a variation of cereals, toast, muffins, crumpets and porridge.

Morning Snack: Fresh fruit, vegetables or healthy snack.

Lunch: a daily variation of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables with a delicious pudding.

Tea: A light meal served with vegetables or salad and a pudding.

Afternoon Snack: Fresh fruit, vegetables or healthy snack.

All snacks are served with milk in line with government guidelines, and meals are served with water.  Water is available throughout the day at each room’s water dispenser.

Menus are displayed in the nursery entrance hall. Where required food will be pureed, semi pureed, mashed or chopped to meet the needs of babies and younger children, milk or water will be offered to drink at each meal and as required throughout the day.  All chicken/meat options may be replaced with a meat free alternative as per individual child needs.  We also provide halal meat for those with specific requirements

We encourage all of our children to sit together around the table at meal times.  Staff model positive body language and communication during this period and encourage manners.  We provide the cutlery and cups depending on the age and stage of development of each child, and provide opportunities for each child to meet their next steps with regards to self-help skills and feeding.  Children are given the opportunity at being the ‘table monitor’, this again is to encourage personal, social and emotional skills whilst modeling good practice.

We are delighted that we were awarded 5 stars in February 2017 from the Environmental Health Inspector.

Download our current menu here:

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